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A Good Week at Warrior East

It was great to see all of our current and new customers at the ADS Warrior East Expo. We were one of more than 250 exhibitors presenting. This year we took our all new BERG LPE2S2 Expandable Hard-sided Shelter AKA 3 in 1 Expandable Conex, to display at the expo. It was an impressive display of support for all of our troops on the ground. Glad we're able to do the same. We had a lot of conversations about our Sea Cans including our 20' BERG E2S2. Really when you think about it, engineering an environment for our troops that will improve their quality of life in the harshest of conditions, a modified shipping container makes perfect sense.


The BERG LPE2S2 is an expandable shelter system that is designed to precisely fit in the 463 L Cargo Position.


The BERG LPE2S2 represents the next generation of ISO container-based expandable shelters designed to maximize space efficiency and provide ultimate flexibility in transport, deployment, and configuration. It is the new standard for forward operating bases or remote industrial camps.


Some notable features of our BERG LPE2S2


  • Hard Sided
  • Expandable
  • 4-way forkliftable
  • Built in tie-down system
  • Built in ECU
  • Readily deployable w/ 2 personnel in 10 minutes.




What better way to evaluate the quality, size, and capabilities of operational equipment than to experience it firsthand?


Warrior Expo showcases industry-leading solutions to end users, program managers, and procurement specialists. This premier industry event is the embodiment of ADS’ mission to actively seek out our customers’ equipment and logistics challenges. We want to deliver innovative, cost effective solutions that enhance your ability to complete your missions.