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This self rising containment berm is quick to deploy, requires no assembly and can be driven on from any angle. The unique design of this containment berm allows the sidewalls to stay lowered during normal operation, reducing the tripping hazard. Foam in the top outer perimeter force the side walls to rise with the level of the fluid to help provide containment in compliance with EPA and SPCC. The Throw N’ Go self-rising berm is the perfect solution for oil trucks, frac tanks and other large capacity spill containment needs when set-up and take-down are a main concern.


  • No assembly required
  • Walls lay flat when not in use
  • Fastest deployment in the industry for portable spill containment systems (simply throw and go)
  • Can be driven on at any angle
  • 2’ wall availability permits smaller footprint
  • In the event of a spill, walls automatically rise to create a catch basin
  • Optional built-in track mats help prevent damage to the berm
  • Berm contains no working parts which would malfunction
  • Meets EPA regulations for spill containment
  • Heavy-duty 30 ounce fabric is appropriate for water, hydrocarbons, and most chemicals
  • Easily emptied through 3/4” drains
  • Each berm comes equipped with a repair kit

Product sheet and assembly instructions:

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206 gal

470 gal

705 gal

3,321 gal

5,805 gal


5' x 5' x 12"

8’x 8’ x 12”

10’ x 10’ x 12”

12’ x 36’ x 12”

14’ x 54’ x 12”

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Additional sizes available. Call for pricing.