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Our All New BERG LPE2S2 Explained


The key to the LPE2S2 Expandable Hard-sided Shelter is that is a single pallet position. It is a Lightweight Hard-Sided Expandable Shelter. When we say light-weight, we really mean it, this new design is only 4,000 lbs. Not only is this unit lightweight, it is easily deployable and only requires one person to set it up. The design is based on the 463L pallet configuration and is truly expeditionary. The protrusion is 463L and locks precisely into the cargo handling system of a C-130. You will not have to load this unit on a pallet and sling load it into position. It is ready to load. The LPE2S2 is designed solely for air transport.


We understand, when you deploy, its always about footprint. You can only take so many assets. For example, on a C-130, there are only a few pallet positions. The key is to look at all of the gear you need and realize there are only a select number of pallet positions allowed. For example, our 20' Berg E2S2 Hard Sided Expandable Shelter takes up 3 pallet positions. Our BERG Bi-con takes 2 1/2 pallet positions when deploying by air.  When a Bi-con deploys you get 145 usable square feet. With the BERG LPE2S2 you only need a single pallet position and offers 141 usable square feet. That leaves only a 4 square feet of space difference, and has not left unused space in the air cargo handling system.


The BERG LPE2S2 is strictly designed to be moved by air. It is not designed on an ISO Configuration, which means it is not stackable etc. The LP is for Rapid, small footprint deployment. The LPE2S2 is used for forward operating procedures. A lot of the LP's are used for drone operations, secure communications shelters, tactical operations shelters, admins, etc.


The LPE2S2 cannot be air-dropped like our Tri-con shelter. The key to all of our shelters is that we can do a complete pack out. A lot of Expandable Shelter systems do not include space for pack out. Every Hard-sided Expandable Shelter System we build has ample room for any pack out. This means you do not need an extra piece of equipment to take with you for pack-out! All the equipment that the shelter was ordered to function whether it is admin, latrine, hygiene or whatever the need, it is all packed out in the shelter. It's turn-key, deployment is simple, you open up the shelter and your not looking around for another box of stuff. You can do anything you need just like any of our other shelters, just on a smaller scale. All of the LPE2S2's are powered by generator or shore power.


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