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Tent VS Hard Sided Shelter

The BERG Expandable Expeditionary Hardsided Shelter is designed to maximize energy efficiency and provide ultimate flexibility in transport, deployment and configuration. Traditional tent camps are becoming a thing of the past with a new initiative, because of new technology developing around hardsided structures and higher R-values that leads to energy efficiency. We’re now seeing a 10% increase in Hard Sided Shelters, like our LPE2S2 and the E2S2, replacing tents in traditional camps. BERG is dedicated to quality of life for the warfighter. That’s what a BERG Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary Shelters is all about.


Energy Efficiency


With the high rated R-values, expeditionary nature the hard sided shelter will soon replace soft sided shelters (tents). Of course, for new standard bases or industrial camps you want the most reliable and comfortable environment possible. A BERG Expandable Expeditionary Hardsided Shelter is a major improvement in quality of life in severe conditions. That said, a tent has no R-value. A soft side is as good as the conditions outside. From hot to cold, dry to wet, the effects of the environment dictates the quality of life inside the tent. There is no R-value of a tent compared to a BERG Expandable Expeditionary Hardsided Shelter with an R-value of 15. BERG Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary Shelters will withstand any temperature from -30 F to +130 F ambient. Each BERG has Onboard Environmental Control.


All of this comes to dramatically reduced fuel consumption. This is the key to operational cost savings, but more important reducing fuel transport frequency helps minimize risks associated with both military and private sector fuel transport accidents and potential loss of life.















Tents and other soft sided shelters can useful to get the job done, but requires a lot of soldiers to set up. The tent has to be set up a floor must be installed. Air has to be piped to the tent. Then you’ll need to find the container that has all the equipment that needs to go inside the tent. With our BERG E2S2 and LPE2S2 Expandable Hard Sided Shelters, everything for that shelter is packed-out inside. Each shelter has onboard environmental control. A BERG is easier to deploy, you take less “stuff” with you and with some of our models requiring only one person to deploy.  Our main goal was to make sure that our hard sided shelters are flexible for deployment.


Tents and shelters are always on inventory, so when it is time for deployment, they are ready on the shelf when there is a need for it. BERG E2S2 Expandable Expeditionary Hardsided Shelter’s are 9 high stackable. In transport mode, the expandable sections are completely nested and stored within a main ISO container footprint. Standard industry forklift pockets ensure ease of movement. We also make sure that our hard sided shelter is easy for transportation so no matter where the base is, we make sure our shelters can get there. A BERG E2S2 is designed to


BERG has designed, engineered and manufactured shelter systems since 1883. BERG maintains this legacy. Although our products have changed significantly over the years to meet the evolving needs of our customers, our pioneering spirit has remained. A BERG Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary Shelter will always outperform a tent in most cases.