• Lodging


  • Operations

    Whether your needs are for tactical operations, executive planning or meeting centers, the E2S2 can be easily configured to meet your needs.  The base shelter is fully integrated to accommodate your data and workspace needs.


  • Administration

    The E2S2 can be easily configured to provide private offices, workstation areas, break areas and bathroom facilities. When staff productivity and organization is paramount, the E2S2 Admin configurations are ideal.

  • Kitchen/Dining

    The E2S2 can be easily configured to accommodate a 40-person dining facility and full kitchen to support it. Dining capacity can be expanded by linking units together with our innovative connecting vestibules. Configurations are virtually limitless.

  • Medical

    The E2S2 is ideal for a multitude of medical requirements. From clinics and patient diagnostics to infirmary and surgery, the E2S2 is a clear choice. Berg can configure the E2S2 to meet your specific remote  medical needs.


  • Hygiene

    The E2S2 is versatile enough to handle all your shower, latrine and laundry needs through single units for smaller camps or by linking multiple units together for larger camp requirements. We provide energy efficient washer and dryer units and easy to deploy latrine products.

  • Fuel & Water

    Our large line of tanks, pump delivery systems and spill containment products provide everything you need to store and deliver your camp fuel and potable and non-potable water.

  • Power Management

  • Supported Equipment