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How We Build a BERG E2S2 Expandable Hard-Sided Shelter


The Berg 20’ expandable expeditionary shelter or BERG E2S2 Hard Sided Expandable Shelter System is the cornerstone of the Berg family of expandable shelters. We start every project with solid works modeling to ensure we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Each and every one of our BERG Expandable Container Shelters begins with a rugged steel shipping frame so that the finished unit will be 9 high stackable and meet ISO standards, you may have referred to these as a sea can.


Next we weld an aluminum internal frame.  Any vents, louvers or pass throughs are welded in. The container is then moved to our state of the art paint booth where we apply a heavy duty, chip resistant polyurethane coating. At this point any electrical, plumbing or data is run to the appropriate place.


We then install our light weight, rugged, structurally insulated panels and gaskets.  The panels require no floor jacks and the gaskets ensure an air tight seal to protect the interior from the elements.


We customize your BERG E2S2 into billeting units, tactical operation command units, kitchens, latrine and laundry shelters, shower units, surgery centers, and forensic labs just to name a few.


Finally, we perform our final Q and A inspection and make sure the fit and finish is complete and provide any pack out that is required at this point.


The BERG E2S2 allows our customers to work and live in a clean, comfortable, energy efficient, and safe shelter out of the harsh surrounding environments and can be deployed in under 5 minutes.


Watch this short video for a visual explanation of how we build a BERG E2S2 Expandable Hard-Sided Shelter System