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• Executive Offices

• Medical Facilities

• Kitchens/ Dining Facilities

• Laboratory

• Billeting

BERG Premier Camp Solutions has been providing quality shelters since 1883.  We specialize in mobile camp solutions for all commercial exploration and construction needs.


The EXP – Explorer is uniquely designed for flexibility; it can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or complexed together with vestibules, walkways and stacking accessories.  The modular design provides ultimate flexibility and scalability.


• The standard EXP model is platformed off a standard ISO shipping container  -  20 ‘L x 8’ W x 8.5’ H which allows for easy, economical commercial shipping

• When deployed The EXP provides living and working space up to 3 times larger than its shipping footprint

• Deployment is safe and efficient – four people can fully deploy the unit in approximately 30 minutes

• Wing walls do not require ground support or leveling – the patented wing wall design is self supporting up to 4,000 lbs

• The shelters are robust enough to be set up and re-deployed multiple times for those applications that require relocation.


The energy efficient design of the EXP – Explorer makes it best in its class and suitable for all climates.


• Minimal thermal bridging design inhibits the transfer of outside heat and cold to the interior of the structure

• SIP panel construction allow for R Values ranging from R17 in the sidewalls to R21 in the ceilings and floors

• Data Control Centers

• Command Centers

• Utility Centers

• Security Unit

• Showers/Latrines

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