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Complexing - It's all about Shelter Connectivity

BERG E2S2 Complexing


It can be difficult to keep shelters sterile and free of contamination risks when you have to walk from one shelter to another. We created a causeway, or what we like to call a boot, that can connect one door or a shelter to another. This is perfect for hospital, forensic lab, or even a kitchen shelter when you have multiple shelters and are trying to create a sterile environment. This also makes connecting BERG E2S2 Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary Shelters, LPE2S2 and our whole Expeditionary Shelter line to a tent(s) possible.
































What makes it so important?


When you are going to and from one shelter to the other, it's hard to keep things sterile and contamination free. With the boot, it's connecting the shelters together so there is no need to worry about contaminating the area!