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Bunk Beds For Optimal Pack Out



The key element that sets our bunk bed apart is to design a bed that we actually manufacture ourselves. We build and manufacture every single bit of it except for the mattress. Not only is it superior quality but the pack out is precise. When our customers set up our bunks, it is quick and easy. The compartment that stores the mattress becomes storage for personal items or as a storage locker.




































These bunk beds are compact which is perfect for pack out. Since they are compact and collapsible, it leaves you a lot of square footage for other necessary items. For instance, potential packout for another shelter that needs additional equipment. One detail that’s very important is 5 of these bunks can fit into one BERG E2S2 Hardsided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter,  which means 10 personnel can sleep in one billeting shelter. 5 bunks only takes up a quarter of the pack out space in a BERG E2S2.




























As always, our main goal is to improve the quality of life for our customers with our billeting shelters so they can have a comfortable place to rest even in harsh conditions.


These bunks are perfect for packout in our all new BERG LPE2S2 Hard Sided Expandable Expeditionary Shelters. Technically 2 bunks will fit in a LPE2S2 billeting unit.


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