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The Portable Workshop


Putting together the perfect workshop can take a lot of time, energy and space. It can be difficult to fit and organize all of the tools and equipment you want while keeping the area compact and accessible. With one of our newest solutions, we’ve maximized efficiency while providing a streamlined workspace inside a twenty-foot shipping container. This plug and play unit can be up and running within minutes as a sturdy, standalone workshop. If it’s ever time to pick up shop, it can be closed up and shipped quickly and easily to its new home.


We design every solution according to the needs of each customer to ensure that it works for all of the projects they have in mind. With the option of a twenty- or forty-foot container to work from, there’s plenty of flexibility to customize each shop. The unit pictured includes a complete power setup, compressed air, a white board, overhead door and twenty feet of drawers and work surface. Inside those drawers is a complete set of tools, put away and organized just how the customer wants them in order to be ready for use as soon as the lights turn on.


With every detail taken care of, this portable workshop makes it easy to stay organized and get work done. We are excited for the possibilities this new project opens up! What solution can Berg create for you?


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