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What is an AOS?


This was an intense and precise project for the U.S, Department Of Energy to lower costs, build a better product and enable remote access.


This shelter is about speed and efficiency. All that is required for set up is to drop the side/floor. The frame work just expands with it, and the fabric is already attached. Raise the end wall secure in place and the shelter is ready for use.


The 5 in 1 Soft Sided TRICON

BERG Onion Tanks


We understand when it is time for deployment you’ll either truck in water or use ROWPU systems (Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units). Our Onion Tanks are the best way to store the clean water from ROWPU units.

BERG Shelter System Stackability


Our BERG E2S2 Hardsided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter is able to be stacked 2 high while deployed. We solve a lot of footprint issues by stacking one shelter on top of the other with no required additional support on the expandable sides.


100% Mobile Expeditionary Hospital


We have perfected a fully functional Hospital out of our BERG Hard Sided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter System also known as the BERG E2S2 for the Peruvian Ministry of Health.



BERG Shelter System Mobility


Any of our BERG Hard Sided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter Systems can be trailer mounted for rapid mobility. The reason our shelters can be trailer mounted is because our expandable sides don’t require any additional support on the wing walls.



The Laundry is completely integrated into a BERG E2S2 Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary Shelter so there's no setup required. Deploy the BERG, plug it into power and water and you’re ready to go.


BERG E2S2 Laundry


Complexing - It's all about Shelter Connectivity


It can be difficult to keep shelters sterile and free of contamination risks when you have to walk from one shelter to another. We created a causeway, or what we like to call a boot, that can connect one door or a shelter to another.

Bunk Beds For Optimal Pack Out


These bunk beds are compact which is perfect for pack out. Since they are compact and collapsible, it leaves you a lot of square footage for other necessary items.

The BERG E2S2 is Customizable


This Customized BERG E2S2 contains six bedrooms with a commons area and a hallway. Each room has enough space for one person to secure personal items and hotel like accommodations. The commons/ living area provides enough space to lounge and relax whenever you want, check email, etc.

Always Testing - Always Quality


Here at BERG, we always test our equipment. Even though it’s not always required, we still test the majority of our products before the test that an outside agency would need.


Tent VS Hard Sided Shelter


Traditional tent camps are becoming a thing of the past with a new initiative, because of new technology developing around hardsided structures and higher R-values that leads to energy efficiency. We’re now seeing a 10% increase in Hard Sided Shelters, replacing tents in traditional camps.

The all new BERG LPE2S2 Explained


Not only is this unit lightweight, it is easily deployable and only requires one person to set it up. The design is based on the 463L pallet configuration and is truly specific. The protrusion is 463L and locks precisely into the cargo handling system of a C-130.

BERG at Warrior West


It was great to see all of our current and new customers at the ADS Warrior East Expo. We were one of more than 250 exhibitors presenting. Read more about our experience and learn about out all new BERG LPE2S2

BERG is proud to support Matt’s Place


Matt caught our eyes and hearts as a former U.S Marine battling ALS. His mission to destroy ALS became a perfect fit for BERG!

How We Build a BERG E2S2 Expandable Hard-Sided Shelter


Here's an inside look at how we build the BERG E2S2 Hard Sided Expandable Shelter System!