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Superior flexible containment systems

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Fast deployment for spill containment with no assembly required

Easy to clean and sturdy spill containment for water and most chemicals

Automatic spill containment with hands-free drive in and out access

Provides portable secondary storage for fuel containment bladders

Spill containment that maintains it's shape even if driven over

Versatile and easy to store spill containment solution

Berg Flexible Containment specializes in the production of superior performing flexible fuel and water containment products. Our products are environmentally friendly and meet the EPA Pesticide Container Regulations set forth in 71 FAR 47330.


Our berms are simple to set up and use and offer a versatile and reliable solution for containment and protection.  We offer a wide variety of standard berm sizes as well as customer specified sizes to meet your needs.

Reliable and durable flexible spill containment