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BERG Shelter System Stackability

Our BERG E2S2 Hardsided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter is able to be stacked 2 high while deployed. We solve a lot of footprint issues by stacking one shelter on top of the other with no required additional support on the expandable sides. All of our BERG Hardsided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter’s are CSC certified. That means they are 9 high stackable for shipping and 2 high stackable when deployed. Securing the attachment points of two fully deployed shelters uses a commercial knuckle (also known as a pineapple). Deploying is easily stackable with a forklift or crane.


We also manufactured a staircase/mezzanine system for ease of access when going from one shelter to the next if they are stacked.


Our front vestibule serves two purposes:

1. BLACKOUT CAPABILITY: When you’re deployed, and all the lights aren’t on in the shelter, our vestibule will allow you to leave the lights on.


2. ENVIRONMENTAL BOOT: When deployed where it’s super hot ambient and/or super cold ambient this will help your environmental control unit to recover quicker and easier.




  • BERG E2S2 Hardsided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter is able to be stacked 2 high while to be deployed.
  • Save on deployment footprint: solve a lot of real estate issues.
  • Side walls don’t require any additional support
  • No need to brace off the roof
  • CSC certified
    • 2 high stackable when deployed
    • 9 high stackable when stored
  • Stacks easily with forklift or crane. (The same way it would with a packout container.)
  • Attach the points of two shelters with a commercial knuckle (also known as a pineapple).
  • BERG developed and additional Staircase Mezzanine System (We manufacture all of it.)
    • Ease of access
    • Stable and completely safe (no commercial ladders)
  • BOOTS: Front vestibule
    • Gives the shelter blackout capability
    • No need to turn off the lights when deployed in the dark or fog
    • Environmental Control Unit recovers quick in super hot ambient and super cold ambient


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