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Always Testing - Always Quality

Here at BERG, we always test. Not because we have to or a required to, we want to. Call it an investment in our customers! Even though it’s not always required, we will test the majority of our products. Especially before any testing requirements that an outside agency would need. We always make sure that our products will fulfill it’s mission for all of our customers so they get the most out of their experience with each BERG Shelter. Testing will determine the level of durability and value that it has to offer for the task requirements of our customers.


Case study:


Recently, we created a test that is fairly similar to a railroad impact test. In this reproduction, cargo is packed out in a BERG Hard Sided Container System, secured by a cargo net. To reproduce the setting we ran several impact speed tests to see what the results would be with our strap system designs when it's packout weight hits another rail car. We need to know how the performance of our design reacts to the impact of a coupling railroad car.















This test that resembles an actual railroad impact test. A coupling rail car is not like hitting a brick wall, but it's fairly close…when this pack out, on a rail car, connects with another railroad car, it absorbs some of the impact that is made when they connect with each other. This test embodies the effort we use in with all of our tests so we won't leave any detail unchallenged.


Quality is value:


This mock railroad impact test is a representative of all our quality control measures. Of course we want to pass the test but our focus is to insures that the net will warrant the best results, reach it's destinations safely and it will help us know that our customers won't get damaged products from their specific packout needs. Though this specific test is a requirement and standard for some agencies, a large amount of our testing is voluntary. We test our products not because we have to, but because we can and should. We shared in a recent Facebook post, about testing all of our products for any situation we can think of for a little more [perspective. Our primary objective is to insure BERG products will stand up top the most extreme conditions and situations imaginable, all the time. We want to improve the quality of life for our customers in any environment all across the world.





























BERG design testing helps us to confidently sell our BERG Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary shelters and other camp solutions to customers around the world!


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