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100% Mobile Expeditionary Hospital

We have perfected a fully functional Hospital out of our BERG Hard Sided Expandable Expeditionary Shelter System also known as the BERG E2S2 for the Peruvian Ministry of Health.


What the Peruvian Ministry of Health needed was a mobile, expeditionary hospital so they could deploy quickly and in minutes have ICU’s, operating rooms, blood banks, x-ray, recovery and admin in disaster relief scenarios.


There are locations all over Peru where it floods, there’s earthquakes, etc. Generally these are remote locations. Of course, in those places, people don't normally have medical care.


Details --- BERG Hard Sided Expandable Expeditionary Hospital Shelter System


• Deploy a full functioning hospital built with 12 or more 20 ft BERG E2S2 Expandable Hardsided Expeditionary Shelter.

• A full functioning Hospital can be deployed in a matter of hours.

• Be prepared and ready to operate and take care of natural disaster victims in a sterile environment, efficiently

• Completely self-contained.

• For example, one BERG E2S2 is a 4 bed operating suite with all of your medical gases integrated in the mechanical room























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